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Primary Staff

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Principal - Primary Mr Steve McAlister
Deputy Principal Instructional Leader Mrs Elizabeth Dwyer

Assistant Principals

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction

Ms Belinda Gough (on leave)

Miss Jessie Thorne (relieving)

Early Stage 1/Support Classes Curriculum and Teaching Coach Mr Matthew Stanger
Stage 1 Curriculum and Teaching Coach Mrs Julianne Harrigan
Stage 2 Curriculum and Teaching Coach
Mrs Christine Doyle
Stage 3 Curriculum and Teaching Coach
Mr Riley Connor

Class Teachers

Early Stage 1
Mrs Kim Kavanagh
Early Stage 1 Ms Bronwyn Moncrieff
Stage 1 Mrs Elya Bateman
Stage 1

Miss Laura Galvan

Stage 1 Mrs Megan Hopping
Stage 1 Mrs Erin Reid
Stage 2
Mrs Jemma Grisbrook
Stage 2 Mr Lachlan Murton
Stage 2 Mrs Kathy Symons
Stage 3

Miss Ebony Fischper

Stage 3 Mrs Kristen Raine
Stage 3 Miss Kathleen O’Rourke
Stage 3 Miss Lucie Winkler
Support Class Mrs Tamara Wertz
Support Class Miss Alison Fox
RFF Teachers

Mrs Rachael Hughes

Mrs Peta Jollie

Mrs Jan Owens

Mrs Alison Preston

Learning Support Teachers

Mrs Lisa Milford

Ms Karen Mugridge

Relief Teachers

Miss Liz Withers

School Learning Support Officers

Miss Georgia Hasler

Ria Lumsden

Mrs Naomi Moore

Mrs Chellie Olijnk

Ria Roberts

Miss Olivia Westcott

Administrative Support Staff

Mrs Danielle Golby

Mrs Courtney Gilmour

Mrs Sarah Giorgiutti

Mr Peter Hickey

Mr Les Jacobsen