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Bullying Prevention at JCS

Every child has the right to come to school feeling safe

At Jindabyne Central School we reject all forms of bullying.  Our goal is to:

  • Educate young people on the impacts of bullying and help them make wise, respectful choices when facing conflict with others
  • Create a safe environment where students know they can get help and be supported if bullying occurs
  • Work closely with our community to be proactive around bullying and harrasment in the Jindabyne community


Bullying prevention at JCS occurs through:

  • Understanding bullying - Find out more about what bullying is, what bullying is not, and how JCS combats bullying issues in and around the school community
  • Online Referring - click here to go to links for online parent or student bullying referral forms that will go live to teachers at the school.  Reports for students can be made anonymously
  • Supporting students - find resources for parents who may have children experiencing bullying in or out of school

Support can also be found at the school through the following contacts:

  • In primary school, talk to your child's classroom teacher or the Assistant Principal of that stage
  • In the secondary school, talk to your child's Year Advisor
  • In situations where you have immediate and grave concerns for the wellbeing of your child, contact the Deputy Principals (Primary - Mr Stanger and Secondary- Mr Lester).