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Online Safety

Keeping Students Safe

The internet provides an opportunity to enhance students' learning experiences by providing access to vast amounts of information across the globe. Online communication links students to provide a collaborative learning environment and is intended to assist with learning outcomes. Today's students are exposed to online communication tools and the internet in their community. They have the right to expect secure access to these services as part of their learning experiences with the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

However, it is important that students, parents and teachers are informed about how to keep themselves, their family and their friends safe when using devices. The links below provide resources and support in this essential endeavour.

Technology A to Z - definitions of what's what in technology

Using Technology - articles on the latest technologies and how they're being used

Cybersafety - advice to parents on keeping your online child safe

Facebook Online Safety Clip - an animated Facebook safety cartoon

Social Networking - an animated do's and don'ts of social networking

Cyberbullying Fact Sheet (pdf 955 KB)

Cyberbullying Top 10 Tips (pdf 966 KB)

FAQs from Parents (pdf 1147 KB)

Instagram Fact Sheet (pdf 1303 KB)

Kik Messenger Fact Sheet (pdf 1252 KB)

Managing Your Reputation (pdf 1008 KB)

Parental Controls Apple GAM (pdf 941 KB)

Parental Control Apple iOS7 (pdf 983 KB)

SnapChat Fact Sheet (pdf 1208 KB)