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JCS Snowsports Procedures

JCS Snowsports Team Selection Policy

Snowsports at JCS consists of the K-2, 3-5 and 6-10 programs that are conducted during Term 3 each year, providing instruction for all level of skiers and boarders. JCS also selects and supports teams that compete in all school-based competitions during the snow season.

Information about School-based Snowsports teams.

1. Interschool Snowsport Competitions

NSW Interschool have divisions based on School Years:

Division 1 – Year 11 and 12

Division 2 – Year 9 and 10

Division 3 – Year 7 and 8

Division 4 – Year 5 and 6

Division 5 - k-4 in some disciplines and Year 3-4 in others

Division 6 – k-2 in some disciplines.

The JCS Interschool teams are chosen to compete in the three levels of competition: Regional, State and National. The standard of competition and the technicality of the events increase at each level as teams in each discipline must qualify to be eligible to proceed with only the top three to five teams in each division of each discipline invited through and top ten individuals.

The following information is relevant to the JCS team selection process:

1.1 Team composition may change at each level and selection of team members is bound by the rules of the NSW Interschools governing body. These rules, in general, mean that some part of a qualifying team must remain in this team, but some members may be interchanged or substituted with other individuals.

1.2 An individual racer does not need to have competed in the preceding level to be eligible for inclusion of a team, should this be required by the school.

1.3 Students who cannot race at Regional and/or State due to conflicting, recognised, external races or injury, may apply to the NSW Interschools committee, through the school, for invitation to the next level.

1.4 Students at JCS are encouraged to participate at the Regional level. The Regional competition is held at Perisher, the State event is held at either Perisher or Thredbo on a rotating basis, and the National event is held at either Perisher or Mt Buller on a rotating basis.

1.5 Regional teams are initially filled with the previous years JCS results in mind. New students at JCS and students going up a division will be placed in available teams.

1.6 Selections are made on the basis of Combined times ( if the event is determined on combined times). That means that if a competitor has a crash or is unable to complete a run, they may not be selected in front of somebody who has recorded a combined time. However, if their one run time is competitively faster than others, then they may be selected.

2. Redlands Cup

The Redlands Cup is hosted by Redlands and is held in Thredbo during the final week of the July School Holidays. The event is run in age divisions and caters for both Alpine Ski and Snowboard events. Students wishing to participate in this event will apply to the Snowsports Coordinator in Term 2 to secure a position.

3. Other School based events.

Events such as the Scots Race and the Knox Pymble Race are individual races and Parents may enter their children online in these events. JCS supports participation in these events. The Amelia McGuiness events will be entered through the JCS Snowsports corrdinator.

4. Team Selection Process

Snowsports teams for all levels of Interschool events and other competition like Redlands Cup will be selected by the School Selection Committee, consisting of the Snowsports Coordinator, the Interschools coordinator and the Principal.

Teams will be selected with the following criteria in mind:

4.1 At Regional level events, maximising the number of teams qualifying for the next level of competition. At State and National level competitions, the focus is on maximising the results gained by the school. This will be best achieved by the creation of A and B teams based on performances at the regional level in a given year and considering all students who remain eligible for selection. Students may also be considered for the final position in a team based on their consistency.

4.2 A student may gain individual selection in a team if they have competed in events which clash and are external to interschools. This selection must be made in accordance with the rules of NSW Interschools.

4.3 When adjusting teams, the policy is to allow all team members a chance to compete and race wherever possible. If a student has been a member of a team that qualified, they must be given the opportunity to compete at the next level in some discipline, provided this can be achieved within the set criteria.

Dispute Resolution

Once teams have been published and emailed, it is the responsibility of students and parents to check the composition of teams and to notify the Interschool Coordinator in writing of any omissions or errors that may have occurred. At times, a dispute may arise from the non-inclusion of a student in a team. In this instance parents are asked to make a written report indicating the error and the reasons for a change (including a list of results) and this is to be submitted to the Snowsports Coordinator via email. Disputes will be considered by the Selection Committee when appropriate. The committee will be open to suggestions and will be transparent in all decisions made. A response will be forthcoming within 24 hours of the dispute being heard by the committee.


Mr Paul Livissianos

JCS Snowsports Coordinator

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