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Support for Parents

Support links for parents:


https://antibullying.nsw.gov.au/parents-and-carers - The NSW Department of Education Antibullying website has a range of resources for parents and carers that may help in having conversations with your children

http://www.parentline.org.au/ - Parentline is a free phone and online parenting counselling service that can provide support for parents and carers of children up to 18 years of age

https://kidshelpline.com.au/parents - The Kid's Helpline website has useful support guides for parents covering a range of issues facing young people, including bullying.  It provides useful advice on how to identify signs of bullying and avenues parents can seek to provide external support for children at risk.

https://parents.au.reachout.com/ - The parents section of the reachout.com website offers self-help content, access to community forums to discuss concerns and access to one-on-one support coaches if you need support helping your child

https://schools.au.reachout.com/articles/bullying-and-teenagers - Like the link above, this component of Reachout.com has a number of sources and PDF files that schools use to discuss bullying and provide learning opportunities for students who are exposed to bullying behaviour.  A powerful conversation starter and support package for parents.

https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/need-help-now/Pages/Parent%20lines.aspx - The Bullying No Way! website is a national iniative run by the Safe and Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Working Group, of which the NSW Department of Education is a representative.  The website has a links to national services that can support families and young people. 

https://www.studentwellbeinghub.edu.au/ - An Australian Government initiative that has lots of advice for parents with students in both primary and secondary school, including supporting student wellbeing when exposed to bullying behaviour.


At school

If you have any concerns that your child may be exposed to bullying behaviours at Jindabyne Central School, or you would like more information, the following people can help you:

Primary students - The classroom teacher is often the first port of call for parents of primary teachers.  They can refer and gain support from Assistant Principals in identifying, addressing and remediating conflict and bullying behaviours.

Secondary students - Year Advisors are often the first person to contact regarding wellbeing concerns for children in the secondary school.  The Year Advisors are all representatives of the wellbeing team and can refer and gain support from Head Teachers in addressing conflict and bullying behaviours.

The Deputy Principals of Primary and Secondary can assist in addressing bullying concerns and will often intervene when behaviours become explicitly dangerous or previous interventions are unsuccessful in stopping bullying behaviours.  

The school Bullying Prevention Coordinators (Mrs Hughes, Ms Kavanagh and Ms Sewell) can help you with any generic questions about bullying prevention programs both in and out of Jindabyne Central School.  

All members of staff can be contacted by the email addressed on this website or by ringing the school on 6456 2346.