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Rider jumping cross rails.


Students have the opportunity to participate in local equestrian Interschool events.


Competition Information

  • School uniform is to be worn every day
    • beige jodphurs/pants, white shirt and school tie, v neck jumper (fleece over top if cold)
    • helmet meeting current Equestrian Australia standards    
    • Safety vests are compulsory for Cross Country.
  • Roll will be taken every day – students need to present to Teacher in Charge to get name marked off roll at 8am. Not presenting for Roll call will result in an Unexplained Absence. Location to be confirmed.
  • Supervision is provided by parents for the duration of the event.
  • Parents assume responsibility for providing and checking suitable equipment,tack and horses.
  • First Aid Kits are located with the Teacher in Charge, in addition to First Aid located on the Oval. See Map
  • Student Identity card to be worn/carried by student at all times.
  • Parents providing supervision to children other than their own will need to provide the school with a copy of Appendix 5 and 100 point ID check. Please see attached paperwork.
  • School browbands are available to purchase from Snowflake Browbands – request the Jindabyne Central School design. www.snowflakebrowbands-australia.com
  • Stables and yards are able be booked online for horses for the duration of the event.
  • Please see attached map for location of First Aid and other key landmarks.
  • Snowy Mountains Grammar School will be assigning volunteer roles, these will be communicated closer to the competition.

I understand:

  • That students will be supervised by parents for the duration of the competition.
  • That students must carry their laminated ID card that contains their details/ school staff contact details, and their safety information.
  • That students and parents are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct equipment, appropriate clothing for the predicted weather conditions, sunscreen and helmet.
  • That all food and drink requirements are the responsibility of parents and students.
  • That it is the student's responsibility to follow all roll marking schedules, particularly at the end of the day, to ensure that they are marked off the correct roll.
  • That it is the parent/ carer responsibility to inform the Equestrian competition Teacher in Charge before the required deadline of 9.30am to enable up to date roll lists to be prepared.
  • That Equestrian is a hazardous sport and that it is essential that students ride in control at all times.
  • To the best of my knowledge I am unaware of any medical condition that will place my child at risk by participating in this sport. I am aware that medical expenses need to be covered by my health insurance in the case of injury, and authorise medical aid if it is considered necessary by the supervising teacher/s, or Snowy Mountains Equestrian Interschools' Competition organisers.
  • All parents are responsible for ensuring each child is mounted on a horse that suits their riding ability and must comply with all organiser directions (failure to comply will result in the rider being asked to dismount and/or disqualification from the event). Horse and rider ability should be matched to minimise the risk of incident and injury.